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Hello – Studio Voisier is more than just a recording studio – We produce and market music digitally and support artists in their careers. We are based in Bern, more precisely in Koeniz. Our idyllic headquarters are located between farmhouses and pasture meadows. the location encourages creative work.
We realize projects from the beginning to success. From the melody in the head, text on paper – we have extensive knowledge in music production and sound engineering – we will create a finished product.
after the music has been completed, we create a professional release campaign, create artwork, photoshoot, and promote through social media and advertising. and finally release the product. through our years of experience and cultivated contacts, we try to push the release forward and to guarantee the greatest possible impact.



Music Producion
Voiceover / Audio- / Midi Editing
Mix & Mastering Services

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Online advice
1:1 Lessions Basics in Ableton Live / Pro Tools
Basics in musicproduction /
Sound Engineering
Song Reviews

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Artwork & Graphic Designs
Create a Release Campaign
Promotion and Advertising
Social Media Marketing

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Sandro Courvoisier, head of „Studio Voisier“. Some Milestones:


2000 – Plays guitar

2003 – Played in several Rock/Pop bands, recorded 5 studio albums

2007 – Found his own band „Things Never Exist“

2009 – Produced his first album by himself

2010 –  Solo Projekt „Karl Häfliger“ – Produced 3 Albums

2013 – Found PsyLights and Motus Events (eventplaning and event equipment rental company)

2012 – Multimeda electronics technician / Audio technician (EFZ)

2014 – Found „Bärner Musig“ an open Label to promot local artists in his hometown

2017 – Solo Projekt „Jerry Spoon“ – produced several EPs and Singles till today

2018 – Found „Studio Voisier“

2019 – Soundenigneer (Academic Certificated)

2019 – Released „Absorbed“ with international artists togehter with starfrosch

2020 – Released „The Sun“ with over 150k Plays on Spotify and Air Plays on SRF 3

2020 – Found the playlist channel Unique Playlists

2020 – Lavai joins the label

2020 – March till August – Success Campaign „we du wosch“ – Single Release of Lavai

2020 – S.Kull joins the label


Lavai (Dalja Heiniger)


Mit ihrer debüt Single „we du wosch“ die sie Mitte August 2020 veröffentlicht, Rapt / Singt sie über die tiefe Verbundenheit zu ihrer Liebe und ihrer Heimatstadt Bern. Ihre verspielte Stimme ist ihr Markenzeichen, ihr unverkennbares Talent. Folge Lavai auf Spotify und Instagram. Bald kommt mehr Musik.

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A huge warm welcome to our newest member of the Studio Voisier: S.Kull We start our joint work with Rough Transmission - the first single from the upcoming album, which we will release on October 23rd, 2020. More information will soon be available on all of our channels, if you don't want to wait, you can treat yourself and grab your fanlink here: https://fanlink.to/S-Kull_Rogue_Transmission

Jerry Spoon

Jerry Spoon

Jerry Spoon is a multifaceted music artist who is all about spreading great vibes, entertaining others, and using his diverse talents to help fellow artists discover and improve their craft. Closely guarded is his passion for music which began way back when he was a 9 year old where he learnt to play the guitar, evolving over time and developing into a full blown love for making music with a particular preference for the downtempo/ electronica genre. His music can best be described as organic and dancy with dreamy undertones, a sound which his audience loves and appreciates.


Production, editing, mix & mastering by Studio Voisier

Production, editing & mix by Studio Voisier

Mastering by Studio Voisier


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